Individual Survey Responses

Here are the individual responses to the survey, a montage of our creative history together. Scroll through to see the web of interconnection and creativity out of which the practice of Continuum emerged and flourished.

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The Survey

These are the questions that were included in the survey:

1. From whom did you first hear about Continuum, and when? (approximately)
2. Who was your first Continuum Teacher – when and where?
3. Name 1-5 teachers with whom you studied Continuum – when and where?
4. In which year did you first get authorized to teach Continuum?
5. If you started teaching Continuum inspired classes before the official letter of agreement was available in 2000, in which year did you start?
6. How have you contributed to building the field of Continuum?
7. Please select the professional fields in which you offer Continuum Inquiry:

  • Body Work/Healing Arts
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Creative Arts (Dance, Visual, Music, Poetry)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Somatic Education

Doris Maranda

Discovered Continuum:
I first read about Continuum in a Yoga Journal Article in 1987.

First Continuum Teacher: I attended a retreat at Mt Madonna with Emilie and Susan in 1989.

Subsequent Continuum Teachers: I studied with Emilie and Susan from 1989 onward at Mount Madonna, Holy Spirit Retreat Center and then in Vancouver when I sponsored them to come here. I also brought Barbara Mindell to Vancouver to teach her Continuum & Art about 4 times in 1990’s.

Contributions to Building the Field of Continuum: I brought Emilie, Susan and Barbara to my community in Vancouver to introduce Continuum and also began to teach Continuum in the 90’s, even before teachers were officially authorized in 2000. I have continued to teach since both in Vancouver and other areas of British Columbia.

Kai Ehrhardt

Discovered Continuum:
I first heard about Continuum by seeing a flyer from Mary Abrams in 2003.

First Continuum Teacher: Mary Abrams in New York City in 2004.

Subsequent Continuum Teachers:  Emily Conrad 2006 – 2014, Linda Rabin 2012, Susan Harper 2010.

Contributions to Building the Field of Continuum:

  • Making it an integral part of the Somatic Academy Berlin and of the Body IQ Festival Berlin.
  • Bringing Continuum Movement principles into the work with relational & sexual dynamics.
  • Making it an integral part of all those trainings and workshops that I run that are not purely focused on CM.
  • Exposing lots of men to it.

Lucia Miracchi

Discovered Continuum:
I first heard about Continuum in 1982 from Linda Chrisman and Joan Ward, when I joined the Palo Alto Massage Center as a bodyworker.

First Continuum Teacher: I took a few classes from Linda Chrisman and Joan Ward, it lead me to the San Francisco classes with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper at Lone Mountain. I attended these for many years….

Subsequent Continuum Teachers: I mainly studied with Emilie and Susan.

Contributions to Building the Field of Continuum: I believe that the field of Continuum is such a deep part of my life philosophy that it doesn’t matter whether I sit with clients in therapy, create healing spaces in my bodywork sessions, or engender the fluids as a perceptual field in my awareness classes ~ it all just flows out of me to touch those around me. The moment arises. I meet the moment. Words and movements come through without a thinking precursor. It still is deeply amazing ~ this process.

Patricia von Weichs

Discovered Continuum:
 At the beginning of my Rolfing Training in 1996, Divo Müller, was the first person to tell me about Continuum.

First Continuum Teacher: Susan Harper was my first Continuum Teacher. We met in 1998 in Berlin at the Annual Meeting of European Rolfers.

Subsequent Continuum Teachers: 

  • Emilie Conrad – in 2006 in Denmark.
  • Kim Brodey – in 2006 in Norway.
  • Robert Litmann – in 2007 in Santa Monica.
  • Gael Rosewood – in 2013 in Germany.
  • Volker Moritz and Tone Gilje – in 2014/16 in Switzerland.

Contributions to Building the Field of Continuum: In teaching local courses in Northern Germany and by seeing countless patients who have come to my office for bodywork.

Satya Deborah Kirsch

Discovered Continuum:
I met an American woman at a non-Continuum workshop in 1992 or 1993 in Europe. She raved about Continuum and did a demonstration (which was not very good, but still very compelling).

First Continuum Teacher: Emilie Conrad was my first Continuum teacher, I met her in the summer of 1994 at a 5 day workshop at Omega Institute in NY. It was life changing.

Subsequent Continuum Teachers: Susan Harper; several workshops at the Santa Monica Studio and 2 in Santa Barbara, CA, and about a half a dozen Intensives co-taught with Emilie. Robert Litman; two workshops co-taught with Emilie; Breath and Buteyko workshop, 2004-2006. Cass Phelps; many classes in at the Santa Monica Studio, 2004-6 or 7?

Contributions to Building the Field of Continuum:  

  • Holding space while Emilie was birthing important new visions, downloadings and innovations on a very consistent basis at the studio from 2004 to 2010.
  • Emilie often took shapes and movements that were coming through me during a dive and folded them into the teaching and demonstrations. 2006-2010.
  • She also incorporated some of my observations into her teaching.
  • I taught Continuum inspired Chair yoga for seniors through Santa Barbara City College. 1999-2004.
  • I taught Continuum inspired sounding, chanting, harmonics, overtones and Tibetan bowl playing 1999-2013.
  • I combined Continuum and the basic mechanics of Aston Patterning/Kinetics- taking Continuum off the floor and into walking, sitting. 2008-2013.
  • I taught Yoga at Santa Barbara City College and brought in Continuum and the importance of slow movement—moving from one asana of the 108 asanas to the next—which became a recapitulation unfolding of embryogenesis. 1999-2004.