Explore the Rich History of Continuum Teachers
from 1967-2013

Beginning in 1967, Emilie Conrad brilliantly sourced a new body of work from the waters of the creative flux, which she developed throughout her entire life. Susan Harper joined Emilie in 1975 and contributed to the evolution of Continuum and the founding of its teacher organization. As passionate students in profound participation with Emilie and her collaborators, each of us joined this flowing stream. Through our love and unique gifts, as inspired teachers we have each contributed to building the spiritual, creative, and professional field of Continuum.

Becoming a Continuum teacher was an initiation with the soul of Continuum, forged through years of study and practice, and a sacred calling to teach. What we have taught are basic birthrights, like the formative and dissolving tendencies of the fluid dynamics, the potency of inquiry into the unknown, how we grow and flourish in a field of love and connection, and sensing and valuing the innate intelligence that is connected to planetary and cosmic processes.

We, as teachers and practitioners, have all been part of, and contributed to this creative wave known as Continuum that began in 1967. In 2016, Susan invited each authorized Continuum teacher to fill out a survey inquiring about their own personal history with Continuum, their contributions to this body of work, and how it is currently expressing itself in their lives. From this survey and through the records that Susan has gathered since 1975, we have assembled these pages, a map of our history from 1967 to 2013. It is full of different perspectives and ways of looking at our past and revealing the interconnected web that supports this work. It is offered with the wish that it contributes to the continued flourishing of Continuum and the larger vision of life that naturally arises from connecting with our fluid being.

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